The antiques, design and vintage buying office at the Marché aux Puces of Paris Saint Ouen 

The largest market in the world!

With over 1200 stands, booths and galleries, this is the largest market in the world for antique, design and vintage.
Founded by the renowned Riad Kneife, Treasurhunt Paris is considered by Parisian art dealers to be the foremost expert on this market.

We offer exclusive personal shopping services to individuals, interior designers and dealers.

Advise – Source – Authenticate – Purchase – Ship

Building on our four exclusive competencies:

Professional buying

of antiques, design and vintage

From sourcing to negotiating, purchase, payment, shipping organization, customs formalities, home delivery (door to door) and white gloves services.

Specialist tours

for fashion and vintage

Customised shopping with private access: Chanel bags and jewellery, Kelly and Birkin bags, Louis Vuitton trunks, ready-to-wear and haute couture items from 1930 until today.

Privileged access

to the back of the market

Opening the warehouses (even when the markets are closed), thus gaining access to what is not for sale to the public.

Interior design

finding and refurbishing your Pied à Terre in Paris

Helping interior designers, professional dealers and individual clients complete their decoration projects: apartments, villas, boutiques, restaurants…

Personal shopping

Since 2001 we have advised the sophisticated clients of the Peninsula, Shangri-la, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Plaza Athenee, Meurice, Crillon… Our clients, concierge services and travel agencies are members of the Signature Travel Network, Virtuoso, the Ensemble Travel Group and ASTA American Society of Travel Advisors.

Navigating your way through the world of Paris’ exclusive vintage, design & antique markets can be more than a little intimidating – unless you have one of the city’s foremost professional buyers by your side.

Alexander LobranoCelebrated Living Magazine

After meeting you and getting a sense of your tastes and needs, we will bring you from your hotel to the various venues – including the warehouses, galleries, shops, and stalls of the Vintage and Design Markets. Food lovers will delight in onion soup, steak frites, or a croque monsieur during lunchtime at the on-site cafés and bistros.

At the end of the day’s visit, you can relax at our lounge facility just off the market, and enjoy an aperitif and just relax or discuss the day’s finds.

And then while considering your day’s finds, you can have access to a password-protected private web page showing photos, information, prices and dimensions of considered pieces seen during the day. This link can be sent to a decorator, family, or friends, and can help facilitate a sound purchase decision.

Whether your budget is $1,000, $10,000, or more — and whether you are an experienced bargain hunter, a timid first-timer, an interior designer, or an incognito celebrity — we will provide a personalized and unique shopping experience.

Such a tailored shopping service can be understood through the five elements below. For more detailed information about our services, prospective clients are strongly encouraged to visit our Terms and Conditions page.


Facilitating a good choice through expert advice and a sounding board

As your shopping consultant, we can advise you on the types of pieces you are looking to find and help illuminate historical context, styles and periods. Since 2001, we have advised and satisfied many interior designers, individuals customers, architects and dealers. Furthermore, thanks to our discerning eye and our previous experience as an art dealer, our guidance is an indispensable tool for decorators looking to bring efficiency to their work, saving time and money.


Saving time by knowing where best to look

We have spent years developing relationships with the most knowledgeable and reputable of the public and private dealers in Paris and Provence — we know the markets by heart. Our connection to the world of the marchés also grants us the extremely rare ability to access the markets on days when they are not open to the public.


Buying with confidence thanks to professional appraisal

We are expert vintage and antique buyers with many years of experience in advising customers and buying on his own behalf. We are considered by Parisian art dealers to be the foremost expert on the largest vintage and design market in the world.


Saving money by understanding value and the local negotiating culture

After examining pieces with a critical eye, we help negotiate prospective purchases and can arrange individual payments. Our longstanding relationships within the market can result in exclusive discounts for clients.


Reducing hassle by organizing all logistics

We will organize the pick up, packing, crating, shipping and delivery of your purchases to your home with white gloves service if necessary. We are well-versed in import-export regulations, customs formalities, taxes and all other shipping logistics.

Specialised tours

Personally customised shopping tours at the Puces for the free independent traveller (FIT) and family, arranging exclusive private access when the market is closed to the public (Tuesday to Thursday).

We are currently offering coronavirus-aware private visits.

Paris is the fashion capital of the world. We offer personalised admission to the best vintage fashion shops, offering anything from the 1930s until today: ready-to-wear; haute couture, jewellery; accessories, Hermes and Chanel bags; Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks…

Behind the market

With over 1200 stands, booths and galleries spread across 12 tightly packed markets, the marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen is by far the largest market in the world for antique, design and vintage. But what you see in the stalls is only a fraction of the “market stock”: so besides what the dealers put on public display in their stalls, they have far more pieces in their warehouses. 

With over 20 years’ experience at the Puces, we have developed a strong relationship with the dealers, who are generally happy to grant us access to their warehouses. So if you are looking for something very specific, we might know where to find it — even if it is not on public display. Or if you just want to browse at the backend of the market in a specific period, we can arrange this. Or, if your schedule is such that you want to visit when the market is closed, this we can also arrange.

Interior design

Helping you find and refurbish a home in Paris

We offer much more than creating your comfortable, individualized, elegant and luxurious home. As acknowledged experts on the Paris vintage and design markets, we know where to find unique furnishings, decorative items and art objects. Being well connected, we are networked with the best artisans, suppliers and service providers. We know the quartiers intimately, and where to live and why.

We offer a hassle-free and personalized service, from defining the habitat concept with you, to sourcing, checking, and purchasing a property, to designing its interior, commissioning the suppliers and builders, and to finding and buying the furnishings.

We plan and manage the complete real estate and restoration project, with uncompromising attention to detail.

The result is your exquisite, authentic Parisian home — and an alluring investment.

Authenticity, simplicity, and quality

We like to actively involve the customer in developing their living environment in Paris:

  • building the aesthetic concept, in keeping with your tastes
  • learning and searching the quartiers, and choosing the best location
  • planning the living spaces, the context, and what works in harmony
    visiting the suppliers and artisans, for example choosing the fabrics
  • getting involved in the adventure of exploring the vintage and design markets, of which Paris has the largest selection in the world, and the boutiques — we will help fill your space with unique and beautiful objects
  • learning the parameters of decorating, lighting, cabinet making, furniture fabrics, restoration, curtaining… — and acquiring “the eye”, an in-depth knowledge of French decorating, and understanding and being able to articulate what you want and have
  • exploring and becoming familiar with the local markets, the food, the wine, and the customs.

Total involvement!

And if you cannot be in Paris for as much time as you would like, we can send you updates, photographs and videos regularly via the Internet — we can be in constant contact.

We will be with you all the way, as a friend to help you immerse into the authentic Paris — be Parisian in Paris.

Our services have been positively endorsed by Travel + Leisure, CL magazine (Celebrated Living), Le Figaro, Four Seasons Magazine, American Express’ Travel Insights, BBC Homes & Antiques Magazine, France Magazine, the German television station Deutsche Welle, Paris Premiere TV channel in Paris.

Best innovative service "Antiques Shopping Experience"

ILTMInternational Luxury Travel Market

Thank you Riad. I really enjoyed your company and service. Top notch.

Zac BrownCo-founder and lead singer of country–rock Zac Brown Band

#1 Design & Vintage Shopping Services and Interior Designer in Paris

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#1 Art advisor in Paris

Celebrated Living Magazineon American Airlines first class

#1 Treasure Hunter for vintage, antique and design furniture in Paris

Vanity Fair on Travel

The market is open to everybody, but (Riad) unlocks the behind the scenes experience, introducing you to the best dealers, confirming provenance and price… and getting you the prime table at Ma Cocotte, the most fancy and trendy bistrot designed by Philippe Starck.

Sarah Spagnolo in Travel + Leisure

Presenting our new refuge

Just off the market: come and relax in our comfortable lounge space; let us treat you to an apéritif or meal in our Parisian environment close to the Puces. Maybe discuss your day’s visitations or take some time to simply chat and chill. 

For example, after a day of immersion into the largest market in the world, savour our personally sourced French wines and cheeses, and enjoy our temporary exhibition space.

We call this a unique and authentic Parisian travel experience.

Comfort • culture • music • food • fast internet

By personal invitation only.

The Refuge

Coming soon: Instantiques in Paris

Instantiques in Paris will present our personal selection of precious, hard-to-find objects, from both the stalls and the warehouses behind the market — for direct sale to the public.

So you will not need to come to the Puces to get access to the best of what the market has to offer.